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Social Impact

ACCIONA contributes to the management of the social impact, mitigating the risks, taking advantage of opportunities, minimizing the negative impacts and boosting the positive ones, enhancing relationships with the communities and other interest groups.

The social impact management methodology, implemented at ACCIONA, consists of integrating the management of the social impacts during the identification of opportunities and the arrangement and provision of services, with a pro-active approach of commitment to the communities in which it operates.

Throughout 2015, the company consolidated its social impact management methodology, including the study of social risks in the earliest phases of business opportunity identification and in the implementation of the measures during the performance of its activities.

This own social impact management methodology, based on international institutional standards, significantly contributes to mitigate the risks, take advantage of opportunities, minimise negative impacts and to boost positive ones and improve relationships with the communities and other interest groups involved in the project.

The services business applies this methodology to 100% of the projects within the scope of this procedure.

Before and during the preparation of the offer

  • Characterization of the social risk.
  • Inclusion of information of a social nature.

After the arrangement of the service

  • Definition of geographical scope and preparation of the base line.
  • Study of the social impact.
  • Performance assumption.

At the beginning of the service

  • Dialogue with interest groups.
  • Shared value proposal.
  • Management of social measures.

The main initiatives implemented are related with:

  • Employee training.
  • Improvement of social well-being.
  • Local arrangement of goods and services/promotion of local entrepreneurship.
  • Well-being of employees.
  • Voluntary workers.
  • Campaigns for the re-use of useful resources for the community.

Social Action Plan

We focus our social programmes on the needs and expectation of local development and on our business objectives. We aspire to ensure that our progress is also that of the communities that surround us.

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