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Since its accession to the United Nations Global Compact, ACCIONA took on the challenge to gradually implement the 10 Universal Principles on which this Compact is based in its daily activities, and to inform its stakeholders, with total transparency and objectivity, of the progress performed in this process.

ACCIONA encourages its suppliers, contractors and collaborators, to subscribe to the United Nations Global Compact: www.unglobalcompact.org and to report the progress made in this regard.

In this context, ACCIONA's aim is to extend its commitment to suppliers, contractors and collaborators to establish stable and lasting business relations of cooperation, based on honesty, transparency and trust, that allow for the minimisation of risk to human and social rights abuses, ensure the regulatory compliance, in particular in matters related to ethics and integrity in conduct, as well as reducing the environmental footprint of the Company. All of this guaranteeing the supply of goods and services.

ACCIONA selects its suppliers, contractors and collaborators under the criteria of objectivity, impartiality and non-discrimination, promoting competition, identical treatment and avoiding any conflict of interest, with the aim of being a benchmark in the compliance of ethical codes and fight against fraud and corruption.

In this manner, ACCIONA commits itself to making a positive contribution to society through its activities and expects that its suppliers, contractors and collaborators to cooperate by applying these principles to their own activities, its parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as with all the groups with which they maintain trade relations, such as employees, contractors and third parties.

In this way, ACCIONA encourages that suppliers, contractors and collaborators perform their activity according to best practices, complying with the internationally accepted standards regarding Transparency and Business Ethics, Human and Social Rights, Safety and Health, Quality and Environment.

In 2015, additionally and in keeping with our commitment to the value chain, two important milestones were reached:


Inclusion of the SustainableProcurement clause

A mandatory clause was introduced to our contracting/contract terms, encouraging and valuing positively sustainable procurement: “Acciona promotes and takes a positive view of the sustainable purchases made. Therefore, it has defined that a procurement will be susceptible to be classified as such if: the product to be procured has a certificate, label, badge or ecological accreditation and/or is acquired through companies that promote the labour integration of people with risk of social exclusion”


Implementation of an Electronic Procurement Platform (Procur-e) for process optimisation. The platform consists of two modules

Suppliers Portal serving

As a single point of registration for suppliers of the Group hosting a common and visible database for all ACCIONA businesses. The variables analysed of the suppliers include the following:

  • CR and Sustainability
  • PRL Risk RISK
  • MA AND CO2
  • INTEGRITY 2.2.

Bidding Tool

The Applicability and use of the platform will be extended to the main businesses of Acciona Group and it will be deployed progressively to the different countries where these businesses operate. 1,818 suppliers, were assessed in 2015, with a total of 2,566 assessments and a total of 3,572 activities qualified. In this way, 20.65% of the suppliers have been audited according to criteria related to respect for the environment, the prevention of occupational risks, administrative obligations and quality.


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