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Training and disclosure

ACCIONA Service believes that training is one of the main means of the organization to create an authentic culture of prevention.

Durante los últimos 20 años, el mundo anglosajón ha desarrollado - en sectores tan diversos como la industria pesada, offshore, gas y petróleo, minería, etc.- modelos de análisis y modificación de la conducta (BBS - Behavioral Based Safety) que han tenido resultados sobresalientes en términos de mejora de condiciones de trabajo, control de riesgos, reducción de accidentes, etc. Tomando este ejemplo, ACCIONA Infraestructuras ha desarrollado su propio modelo BBS, llamado BBS4U.

El programa se asienta en el cambio y la mejora de nuestras conductas y comportamientos, para impulsar este cambio y conseguir que los trabajadores sean conscientes y se involucren directamente y de forma activa en su seguridad y en la de los demás, buscando reforzar y mejorar el desempeño seguro de todos los colaboradores.

Así, BBS4U implica el trabajo conjunto de todas las personas en los niveles operacionales y soporta su efectividad en la observación, la escucha y la interacción efectiva entre personas, para crear ambientes en los que todos los trabajadores en todos los niveles son al mismo tiempo creadores, partícipes y responsables de las acciones establecidas para prevenir accidentes y evitar enfermedades profesionales. Este entorno de responsabilidad compartida y trabajo conjunto es una parte fundamental de nuestro éxito.

  • Specific training itineraries

ACCIONA Service has designed more than 50 training itineraries, adapted to the needs of the different business, provided both in person and on line, ensuring that training is within reach of all people at any time.

It works with some of its customers on the design of training programmes required at its facilities, from induction to high-altitude work in complex areas, generating tailored training programmes when required.

  • Advanced Training Centre

EROM (Operation and Maintenance of Renewable Energy), within ACCIONA Service's division, has created and operated a Training Centre specialised in top-level technical training for wind turbine maintenance employees.  The centre's training offer includes the GWO (Global Wind Organization) international safety certification, specialised training in electricity installations and electricity risk management in line with Spanish regulations, and the technical training of wind turbines.

Likewise, this centres participates in the training and classification of ACCIONA Infraestructuras' Prevention Service employees, and in the advanced technical training of emergency response bodies, certifying body personnel and of certain customers.

  • ONELean Productivity Services

ONELEAN is a method that analyses processes, seeking to reduce the number of variations through the “balancing” of each step, in order to make it more efficient.

ACCIONA Service integrates safety in the implementation of this methodology, to guarantee that the process analysis also considers the identification of risks and the establishment of control measures compatible with the improvements that must be implemented. Its objective is to optimise and achieve more efficient production processes in which risks are controlled from the start.



ACCIONA Infraestructuras has implemented programmes aimed at ensuring on-going improvement and sound performance in safety matters. It has also established initiatives that include recognition of performance and compliance with practices, voluntary programmes for both Spanish and foreign markets. ACCIONA Service, as part of ACCIONA Infraestructuras, aligns its strategies with the elements established by the Division.


The “LEADER Occupational Health and Safety Project” is a programme based on top-level executive actions and on middle management, as the main promoters of safety through a greater visibility of their actions and conduct, transforming them into "models to be followed" for all people answerable to them.  The effect that this has on the organisation is essential to ensure that safety unmistakably reaches all people, from the highest positions, seeking to influence their behaviour “from above”.

Involving senior levels and middle management is also a generator of inertia which, together with the implementation and monitoring of management tools, facilitates the integration of safety in all actions of the organisation.

ACCIONA Service actively participates in the LEADER Project, implementing it in all its activities.

  • BBS4U

Over the last 20 years, the Anglo-Saxon world has implemented - in sectors as diverse as heavy industry, offshore, gas and petroleum, mining, etc.- analysis models and behavioural changes (BBS - Behavioural Based Safety), which have had excellent results in terms of the improvement of work conditions, risk control, reduction of accidents, etc. Taking this example, ACCIONA Infraestructuras has developed its own BBS model, known as BBS4U.

This programme is based on changing and improving our conduct and behaviour, to boost this change and make to employees aware and to involve them directly and actively in their own safety and in that of others, seeking to reinforce and improve the safe behaviour of all its employees.

Hence, BBS4U involves the joint work of all people at operational level and supports their effectiveness in the observation, listening and effective interaction between people, to create environments in which all employees at all levels are, at the same time, creators, participants and responsible for the measures established to prevent accidents and avoid professional diseases. This environment of shared responsibility and joint work is a fundamental part of our success.

  • RULES 10

ACCIONA Infraestructuras implements a communication campaign aimed at improving occupational safety through ten basic obligatory rules at the work centres in which ACCIONA Service has a global presence, regardless of the legislation or Occupational Risk Prevention procedures prevailing in each country.


We create synergies in the different countries in which ACCIONA has a presence, through collaboration and cooperation agreements in order to promote, boost and strengthen sound occupational health and safety practices through the promotion of the culture of prevention and on-going improvement.


Fexible and multi-disciplinary management

ACCIONA Service manages more than 400 work centers of different types. This complexity means that the team is capable of adapting with flexibility to the changes to the business, be it with regard to hazardous materials or when performing high-altitude felling or pollarding work.

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