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On-going improvement and efficacy

Regardless of the preventive planning of the different legal frameworks in the environments in which the services business operates, differentiating management risk tools are generated that complement existing tools, thereby guaranteeing greater efficacy and efficiency.

  • Management by Results, Performance Measurement Tools

We have a pioneering measurement instrument, which enables integrated Health and Safety Management performance indicators to be obtained in the execution processes. Based on the system implemented, control tools are developed which, in light of exceptional situations or of a general shortcoming of Health and Safety Management at any of the work centers, automatically generates alerts that enable effective action to be taken regarding the situation detected.

  • Zero Accidents Target Stamp

This initiative, in which the infrastructures division of ACCIONA is involved, is a voluntary project of which companies without a high accident rate can avail themselves. Its objective is to adopt medium- and long-term effective prevention management programmes, and to contribute a useful complementary guide to favour effective compliance with regulations, both by employers and employees, together with outside prevention services.

Training and disclosure

The services business of ACCIONA has designed more than 50 training itineraries, adapted to the needs of the different business, provided both in person and on line, ensuring that training is within reach of all people at any time.

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