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Health and safety

People are our main concern. Safety is not only a component of the work process - it is a fundamental part of our daily operations.

The services business of ACCIONA is known for pursuing the on-going improvement of all its processes and procedures since it considers that people are the company's most valuable assets, since they build, promote, innovate and join their efforts to attain their objectives.

The services business grants priority, both to results and to the manner in which they are obtained.

The basis of the Health and Safety model is culture. the services business seeks to boost the human factor, tightening the link between positive conduct and health and safety management, through programmes that seek to grant solidity to the organisation, both in Spain and abroad. This is where the Company's success lies.

The preventive approach considers the integration of all levels and all people at the organisation to build an environment in which safety ceases to be an additional element and becomes a key factor that contributes value to the work of all employees.

This is how we build our culture today.
And this is how we change the future.

The services business of ACCIONA aligns this culture of prevention with the policies and strategies of the infrastructures division. It has leadership and security corporate programmes at the highest level, based on performance and on the implementation of tools for the management of people, training, effective communication, integration of safety in business processes and efficient functional management systems.

All this enables value added to be contributed to the daily effort of making culture. Safety is lived as a fundamental business element that ensures that the results are always the best.


Our Mission

We consider occupational health and safety to be one of the pillars of the business, taking decisions and following scientific guidelines.  We position ourselves in the preventive paradigm of this century, whose cornerstone is the human factor and the reinforcement of the value chain to obtain on-going and sustainable improvements in working conditions.

Our Vision

To attain and maintain a high level of integration of occupational health and safety in all that relating to the participation and daily work of people, to create work environments that guarantee the physical integrity and well-being of all.

Training and disclosure


ACCIONA has designed more than 50 training itineraries, adapted to the needs of the different business, provided both in person and on line, ensuring that training is within reach of all people at any time. 

On-going improvement and efficacy

Management by Results, Performance Measurement Tools.

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