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Sustainable use of resources

In order to reduce its print on the planet, ACCIONA implements the necessary measures and contributes innovative and effective solutions that also have a positive impact on the environment.

The services business of ACCIONA includes in its activities all those methodologies, processes, technologies and good reference practices in the management, re-use and re-cycling of the materials used by it.

The company recognises that water is a limited irreplaceable natural resource. Accordingly, it carries on its activities taking into account the availability of this resource, its quality and the balance of the eco-systems in which it is distributed. Accordingly, ACCIONA, as a consumer in its activity, promotes initiatives for the efficient use of such resource among others.

ACCIONA identifies the points of highest consumption, favouring the installation of equipment that makes rational use of water. It also takes advantage of this natural resource by applying good practices.



The services business has a Consumption Reduction Plan, and has launched numerous initiatives in the area of the optimisation of water and product consumption. Some of the procedures to be highlighted are as follows:

  • Efficiency improvement in the use of water in gardening services through the use of plants with reduced hydric needs.
  • Improvements in watering systems: sectorisation and automation of those systems that enable an efficient use of water and a reduction in consumption.
  • Use of technological innovation in cleaning processes that reduce the use of chemical products and have a water purification system, reducing the need for consumption.
  • Improvement in cleaning production processes, obtaining a reduction in water consumption.

Climate change and energy saving

For ACCIONA, the fight against climate change and energy efficiency are a strategic priority.

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