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Climate change and energy saving

Combat climate change, strategic priority.

ACCIONA considers the fight against the effects of climate change to be a strategic priority. It carries on its activities taking into account:

  • The decrease or mitigation of the adverse effects of climate change, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • The reduction of atmospheric emissions through the use of renewable energy.
  • The promotion of energy efficiency in its activities and in those of its customers.
ACCIONA provides solutions in the energy efficiency field, both in its own activities, and in those of its customers, succeeding in optimising consumption with displaced CO2 emissions.

In the same way, ACCIONA extends its commitment to the fight against climate change to its whole value chain through:

  • Collaboration and cooperation with other companies, public institutions, social organisations, suppliers and other interest groups.
  • Sensitization, awareness-raising and training.
  • Transparent and rigorous information in this area
    ACCIONA maintains its fight against climate change and environmental protection, undertaking to be a carbon neutral company in 2016.

Sustainable events

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño designs, organises and produces events in a sustainable manner, endeavouring to reduce its ecological print to the maximum.

We seek to reduce the carbon footprint in all our activities.

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