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ACCIONA identifies and assesses the possible biodiversity disorders in the performance of its activities, in order to perform an adequate management thereof.

For ACCIONA, the conservation of biodiversity is, aside from an ethical commitment, a necessary condition for global sustainability.

ACCIONA has a specific biodiversity policy, whose principles continue to be progressively implemented, and are assumed by the Group companies as a fundamental axis for their environmental performance.

In recent years, multiple procedures have been performed, with the fundamental objective of protecting biodiversity.


Biodiversity management

The final objective of the Company's biodiversity management is to ascertain the actual impact of ACCIONA's activity on biodiversity, to improve the preventive approach, to ascertain the measures established to mitigate it, to establish on-going improvement mechanisms to decrease the impact generated and to identify the measures already successfully implemented to copy them in other areas or projects. Once the impact has been assessed and remedial and preventive measures have been applied, compensation mechanisms will be implemented.

Protection of eco-systems

Combine the execution of a certain project with the preservation of the eco-system in which it is distributed is one of the procedural priorities for ACCIONA, particularly in the case of singular eco-systems.

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