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Environmental protection as a distinguishing element.

Environmental preservation and respect is one of the basic pillars of ACCIONA's procedures, based on compliance with the best environmental practices in all its activities, through the prevention and minimisation of adverse environmental impacts and the conservation of natural resources.

ACCIONA's environmental strategy is structured around the commitment to combat climate change, the promotion of energy saving, the rationalisation of the use and management of water, the responsible use of resources, effective waste management, pollution prevention and the protection of the natural environment and biodiversity.

Through our Sustainability Report, we provide an account of our sustainability commitment.

The fight against climate change, the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of biodiversity constitute the main axes of ACCIONA's environmental strategy.

Climate change and energy saving

For ACCIONA, the fight against climate change and energy efficiency are a strategic priority.

Sustainable use of resources

The responsible use of resources forms part of ACCIONA's environmental strategy.


For ACCIONA, the conservation of biodiversity is, aside from an ethical commitment, a necessary condition for global sustainability.

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