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EROM receives “EDPR Eu-Br Occupational Health and Safety Award”


Every year this award is presented to the EDPR contractor in Europe and Brazil that has contributed the most to consolidating the culture of EDPR Eu-Br occupational health and safety.

EROM, ACCIONA’s business that specialises in maintenance and operation services for renewable energy assets, has been recognised with the “EDPR Eu-Br Occupational Health and Safety Award” by EDPR, the world’s fourth largest wind energy producer.

Francisco Galván, EDPR Operations Manager, presented the award to representatives from EROM at the awards ceremony held on 3 April at the EDPR headquarters in Madrid.

The qualities assessed for this single category award include the degree of compliance demonstrated by contractors of the EDPR Eu-Br health and safety principles; the proposal or application of effective measures to improve the health and safety conditions of their workers; and the application of effective preventive practices that demonstrate the successful and consolidated integration of risk prevention in the hierarchical structure of the organisation.

At this edition of the award, EDPR recognised EROM for its Prevention Digitalisation initiative using a health and safety app for mobile phones and tablets that helps workers to better understand the risks they may encounter when beginning their work, which also helps them to manage their own safety.

According to Pablo Cobreiro, Quality, Safety and Environment Manager at EROM, in 2018 the company decided to design, develop and implement an in-house app that would help maintenance employees to manage their own health and safety. The application helps employees to adopt healthy habits and offers integral emergency management, escalating communications, risk evaluations and preventive measures, among others.

The app was designed by and for the company’s employees, intended to be an additional “colleague” to help in their daily tasks, as well as representing a process to adapt health and safety to new technologies by digitalising basic health and safety processes.

The award therefore recognises ACCIONA’s inside knowledge in the renewable energy sector and the health and safety improvements made for its own employees, as well as at its clients’ facilities.

This award allows EROM to use the Safety First logo for a period of one year in its internal and external communications.

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