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ACCIONA Service takes part in the "Colmenarbol" project to increase tree coverage in Colmenar Viejo


ACCIONA Service will supply and plant the trees in the project, installing the irrigation, digging the holes and assisting participants in planting the trees.

ACCIONA Service take part in the “Colmenárbol”, project, an initiative by Colmenar Viejo city council to increase tree coverage in the municipality by planting 3,500 trees a year, up to a total of 10,500 trees by 2020.

As part of this initiative, ACCIONA Service has signed a contract with the city council worth approximately €143,000 to supply and plant trees for the project.

ACCIONA Service will also be responsible for digging holes, installing irrigation and assisting school children and residents in planting trees. The project includes plantations in five different areas, located at different points around the city of Colmenar Viejo, such as ravines, livestock trails and the Navalvillar meadowlands.

One of the hallmarks of the Colmenárbol Project is the involvement of the general public, businesses and institutions in the project, who can register as “2020 Planters” and receive an identification card that allows them to participate in the initiative. Groups of students from the city's schools will take part in the project during school hours, while the public will participate at the weekends. Institutions and businesses can also get involved as “Colmenárbol Collaborators”.

Some of the trees will be supplied by the Madrid Institute for Rural, Agricultural and Food Research and Development (IMIDRA), others by Colmenar Viejo city council, and the rest by ACCIONA Service.

The first plantations took place on February 1st and 4th, with the participation of school children and representatives from regional and local public administrations. The rest of the trees will be planted on different weekends in February, March and April, completing the five plantation zones.

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