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ACCIONA Service offers new drone operation service


The possibilities offered using drones include generating 3D terrain models, work follow-up, aerial inspection of facilities and infrastructures.

ACCIONA Service’s Facility Services activity has received official authorization from the Spanish Air Safety Agency (AESA) to offer a drone-based areal recording service.

With a workforce made up of expert pilots with AESA certification to operate Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs), this ACCIONA Service division uses drones to offer services to a wide variety of sectors.

One of the primary applications is in the area of topography. The use of programmed flight techniques can generate 3D terrain models, point clouds and orthophotos of the terrain. The data can then be used to obtain measurements of earth movement and topographical surveys for preliminary designs. The comprehensive mapping service produces orthographic mapping and 3D terrain models with extraordinary detail.

In the infrastructure sector, the use of drones is increasingly important. The most significant applications in this area include follow-up on site evolution, work progress certifications with 3D models and point clouds of buildings and infrastructures used subsequently for the construction of BIM models.

There are countless other services that can be provided with drones, such as visual inspections of elements at height or at a distance (such as wind turbines or hydraulic infrastructure) and crop inspection services in the agricultural sector. Also, in the area of communication it is possible to record events, provide aerial views of property developments, audio-visual productions and follow-up on news or sport activities.

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