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ACCIONA Mobility´s electric motorcycles reach the outskirts of Madrid



The great power of its motorcycles has allowed ACCIONA Mobility to expand its operating area outside the M-30

From now on, ACCIONA's electric motorcycles can be used outside the radius of the M-30, allowing them to be used in several areas on the outskirts of Madrid.

In response to the users requests, the first peripheral areas through which ACCIONA's motorcycles can circulate and park are: Las Tablas, Hortaleza, El Pilar and La Moraleja Business Park in Alcobendas.

The main reasons that have led ACCIONA to operate outside the M-30 are twofold: the huge demand from users since the launch of the service and, above all, the great power of their motorcycles. Unlike other companies in the sector, they allow two driving modes depending on the needs of each user: the "Standard" mode, for those who only move around the city centre and do not need to go faster than 50 km/h; and the "Custom" mode, capable of reaching 80 km/h, recommended for high-speed roads.


How the service works

Users, whether they are residents or visitors, must register on the platform through the ACCIONA Motosharing app or website. The exact location of the motorcycles can be found through the application and payment will be made per second of use.

The service is available 20 hours a day, from 06:00 AM to 02:00 AM inside Madrid's M-30, as well as in the new outskirts of the city. The user can circulate and pause the journey in any area of the city, but it is mandatory to end the journey inside the enabled area.

The service also has a 24-hour Customer Service Centre and a free telephone number to resolve any doubts or possible incidents.

The motorcycles are recharged and conditioned by changing the renewable energy batteries for ACCIONA Mobility at night and with a fully electric fleet.



ACCIONA's entry into sharing vehicles is in line with the company's commitment to sustainable solutions linked to infrastructure and, more specifically, transport.

The arrival of ACCIONA Mobility has materialised the company's position in new services that improve sustainable mobility.



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