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    Smart city services

    Design, implementation and operation of integral solutions for cities.

    ACCIONA Service, through its Smart City Services and with the help of top-level technological partners, focuses on the design, implementation and operation of integral solutions for cities through the application of new technologies and innovative business models, thereby enabling infrastructures and services to be supplied that guarantee their sustainable.



    ACCIONA Service tackles all its projects with an integral approach with respect to the solution to be implemented. It is involved from the needs analysis phase until its integration, operation and subsequent interaction with other areas of activity, through an integral platform that unifies data and facilitates decision-making.



    Four objectives guide the performance of ACCIONA Service's projects in the area of cities: improving the quality of life of citizens, reducing the impact of urban activities, optimising expenses and promoting citizen participation.




    Traffic regulation and parking management are critical aspects to streamline city mobility and to improve the quality of their surroundings.

    New technologies are enabling the evolution of services towards a smarter business model, which has a decisive effect on technical efficiency, economic efficiency and environmental impact.

    The implementation of solutions based on OPEN PARKING SYSTEM technology, a real-time integral management and control system for overground urban parking, has promoted vehicle rotation, the security and transparency of operations and flexibility to attend to the specific requirements of each municipality.








    Demographic change is a global process under way, especially in Europe, where the number of elderly people is progressively rising and the active population is decreasing.

    The change affecting senior citizens is not only quantitative. There is also a qualitative component which will boost demand for services with different characteristics to the current features, associated with a higher level of education and a new culture of leisure. Accordingly, it is fundamental to adapt to this change.

    In order to adapt to it, the Smart City Services business relies on service models based on new information and communication technologies and on more innovative business models.

    Through the social platform FAMILYAR, ACCIONA Service offers the elderly socio-home care sector a service based on a simple and safe interaction between the elderly, their family members, the public authorities and the different industry professionals. The main objectives of this service are to favour the active ageing and social isolation of the elderly, to improve their security and the control of their habits, to contribute a wide range of domestic services with full guarantees, and to offer specialised services for the attention of specific needs and pathologies.



    Internet access at schools, together with the development of digital contents and the learning of new management systems, has favoured communication between students and teachers. The classrooms are moving from being isolated learning establishments to becoming global learning centres.

    ACCIONA Service, basing itself on the innovative technology SAMSUNG SCHOOL, offers education centres an integral solution for the implementation of this new learning formula aimed at educators and students, which can help to create an interactive learning environment in which the students actively participate.

    A team of specialists guides the education centre in the process of adopting this new technology, accompanying it from the initial needs definition phase, to the system's start-up, passing by adaptation of the WIFI network, the installation of specific hardware and software, the search for financing solutions, access to contents and the adequate training of educators, students and parents.

    All of this with the peace of mind of having a help desk with the on-line ability to resolve any incident and an integral maintenance service and the renewal of devices.

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