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    Leader in the automotive and agri-food sectors.


    ACCIONA Service, with its Facility Services business, provides integral solutions to the leading industrial companies. It is the leader in the automotive and agri-food sectors as a result of its knowledge acquired through over 40 years' experience and a customer portfolio with an average seniority of 25 years.

    It has a team of specialists that research and develop a wide range of activities, to support the business or as part of it, guaranteeing the maximum efficiency and productivity of its facilities.

    Services provided by ACCIONA Service to the industrial sector include the following:

    • Specialized technical cleaning.
    • Technical maintenance.
    • Management of the storage of raw materials, spare parts or finished goods.
    • Internal logistics.
    • Preparation and loading of orders.
    • Picking, packaging, assembly and palletisation.
    • Inspection and verification of parts and finished goods.
    • Internal transportation at factories.
    • Supply of parts to the production line.

    As a result of the application of maximum quality standards in all its services, through its Facility Services activities, ACCIONA Service is a pioneer in the obtainment of the ISO 22000 certification, “Food safety management systems”, thereby accrediting its devotion and specialisation in the agri-food industry.

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