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    ACCIONA, with over 50 years' experience, is one of the five leading operators on the Facility Management/ Facility Services market. It has an organisation based on high specialisation, focused on customers' needs, and it is the leading company in the industrial and agri-food sectors, in which technological innovation and processes are essential to offer more efficient services.

    With this philosophy, the Facilities Services activity has a specific area of innovation and business systems, and an area involving the on-going improvement of its processes, incorporating the Lean methodology.

    A single slogan to guide all its services: trained and motivated People, with defined Processes and on-going continued improvement, achieve service Productivity and Quality, with a common element for everybody: employee Security. Accordingly, the following slogan was coined: 3PQS.

    With a presence in Spain, Portugal, Qatar, Oman, Italy, Mexico and Canada, the philosophy of the services business of ACCIONA enables it to accompany its customers in any part of the world as a result of ACCIONA's global presence.

    It has obtained the following certifications: ISO 9001 Quality Management System; ISO 14001 Environmental Management System; OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, SA 8000 Corporate Social Responsibility Management System, and the ISO 22000, which accredits the Food Safety Management System, a pioneer in the obtainment of such certification.

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    Facility Services activities



    ACCIONA, through its Facility Services business, performs all manner of cleaning services, from ordinary office building cleaning to cryogenic cleaning and the cleaning of ultrasound machines in industrial sectors.

    Noteworthy among its multiple activities in the cleaning area are as follows:

    • General cleaning: basic and special treatments.
    • Specialised cleaning: carpets, treatment of floors, glass, partitions and façades.
    • Environmental hygiene and control: hygienisation of clean rooms and ATEX areas, legionella prevention and control, cleaning and disinfection of piping, air deposits and circuits, bacteriostatics and pest control (DDD).
    • Technical cleaning: cryogenics, cabins, deposits and exchangers, industrial aspiration.
    • Cleaning of production lines, utensils and components.
    • Cleaning of vehicles: interior, exterior, etc.
    • Hotel cleaning: rooms, communal areas, etc.
    • Measurement of pollutants.
    • Integral waste management.
    • Audits and technical-legal support.

    The services business of ACCIONA has also obtained the Food Safety Management Systems certification (ISO 22000), and it has been the first and one of the very few companies to obtain this certification.



    The maintenance activities of the services business of ACCIONA focus mainly on conserving property and production assets, areas in which the optimisation of the life cycle costs of the facilities and their durability are fundamental.

    Also, the services business has an Energy Efficiency area that performs energy improvement turnkey projects, optimising the management and energy consumption of each customer.

    Its leading maintenance activities are as follows:

    • Technical-legal and CMMS.
    • Preventive and recommended maintenance.
    • Routine maintenance.
    • Predictive maintenance of facilities and equipment.
    • Integral maintenance: air conditioning and industrial cooling facilities, medium- and low-voltage electricity installations, sanitary water facilities, pneumatic and hydraulic facilities, PLC programming and electro-mechanics, press, moulds, membranes and others, communication networks, etc.
    • Preparation of conditioning and improvement works: installation of comfort items, relamping, plumbing, carpentry, locksmiths, etc. design and conditioning of layout, etc.
    • Design, study and execution of projects.
    • 24h service through internal CAU.


    ACCIONA's internal logistics activities performed in the industrial area aim to increase the productivity of the customer's own activities.

    The internal logistics services offered include:

    • Management of the storage of raw materials, spare parts or finished goods.
    • Receipt of raw materials and packaging.
    • Internal logistics.
    • Preparation and loading of orders.
    • Inverse logistics.
    • Picking, packaging, assembly and palletisation.
    • Inspection and verification of parts and finished goods.
    • Internal transportation at factories.
    • Supply of parts to the production line.
    • Hospital logistics.

    Each service is designed to meet customer needs, studying the process and associated technology, establishing direct work with its business.



    ACCIONA provides a wide variety of support services, both at its own facilities and to the people that work at them and even to the activity performed by them.

    The objective of such services varies based on the end customer, highlighting:

    Guaranteeing and maximising the use of the facilities:

    • Access control.
    • Parking management.
    • Management and adaptation of spaces.
    • Management of work post.
    • Management of rooms, reservations and audio-visual means.

    Facilitating the tasks of the people that work at them:

    • Reception and care and information service.
    • Distribution of internal mail and couriers.
    • Help desk service.
    • Digitalisation of files, etc.

    Facility Services business sectors


    ACCIONA moves a step forward in the digital world, capturing reality on a large scale with ground-breaking technologies.

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