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    Specialists in the operation and maintenance of renewable energy assets.

    Competitiveness in the environment in which it operates enables it to mark the difference due to its efficiency, becoming a collaborating partner of its customers, aiding them to maximise production with optimum operational and maintenance costs.

    ACCIONA founded EROM in 2011 to amass all existing maintenance know-how, both within the Company but also at its main service suppliers.

    Its purpose is to optimise its customers' energy generation, taking innovation and the on-going improvement of processes as the principal driver, working on a daily basis to achieve efficiency and minimise costs.

    Environmental respect, protection and safety are the main principles when carrying on our activities.

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    At the hands of experts, EROM offers ad-hoc maintenance designed for each customer tailored to their needs.

    Through optimal equipment maintenance, we ensure a longer useful life, reducing stoppage times and improving the productivity and efficiency of customer facilities.

    EROM accredits experience in a wide range of technologies:

    • Gamesa
    • Vestas
    • AWP
    • GE
    • Bonus
    • MADE
    • Desa
    • Obsolete technologies

    Noteworthy among the services offered are the following:

    • Preventive maintenance of wind turbines that have a minimum impact on energy availability.
    • Remedial action to repair breakdowns in assets, guaranteeing a minimum attention time.
    • Performance of major repairs. The EROM human team performed more than 3,000 major repairs.
    • Execution of predictive maintenance work to be able to anticipate future breakdowns.
    • Blade inspection. EROM has its own personnel approved by ANETVA to perform vertical work.

    Furthermore, EROM provides other vital services at its wind farms to ensure the sound functioning of assets and high efficiency in energy generation such as the final guarantee inspection, components repair, spare parts and services (cranes, etc.), review of elevators, lifelines and meteorological towers, dismounting of wind turbines and service quality audits.



    With extensive experience and a current portfolio of 62,699 kWp, EROM engages in the operation and maintenance of solar farms.

    The guaranteed quality services include fixed and mobile panels and other associated electrical infrastructures.

    The rapid evolution of the energy sector and the unstoppable progress of technology means that the application of improvements to boost the performance of assets is constant in the race for energy generation.

    The offer for the maintenance of photovoltaic facilities includes:

    • Maintenance: preventive, corrective, predictive.
    • Equipment retrofits.
    • Final guarantee inspection.
    • Operation.
    • Components repair (reductive).
    • Service quality audits.


    More than 12 year's experience in the sector, a portfolio comprising 85 sub-stations and more than 3,000 CTs and underground and overground lines endorse EROM's offer for the maintenance of high-voltage facilities, as well as engineering services and the start-up of sub-stations.

    Maximum availability ensuring optimum performance of equipment is only possible as a result of the quality offered by EROM's expert high-voltage team. The main objective is to minimize response times with respect to breakdowns, always complying with reset and security instructions.

    The offer of services at high-voltage facilities includes:

    • Maintenance: preventive, corrective, predictive and major transformer repairs connected to lines of up to 400 kV.
    • Final guarantee inspection.
    • Spare parts and services (cranes, etc.).
    • Service quality audits.

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